Association «Nathalie» was created in October 2012 to honour the memory of Nathalie Voyatzis, tragically killed on a pedestrian crossing on December 17th 2011, by a car whose driver neglected to «look where he was going»…

Born in Paris on October 31st 1991 she grew up in Bry-sur-Marne in the suburbs of Paris. After secondary school at the «Collège Lamartine» in Paris, she finished grammar school at the «Lycée Louis le Grand», then attended the French «Classes Préparatoires» (Condorcet, Paul Valéry) working towards admission exams to the Engineering Schools.

She was clever, beautiful, sporty, smiley, sociable, always displaying good humour and joyfulness to those around her, attracting and creating attachments from each and every successive school environment through her non-judgemental attitude and her acceptance of all others. She considered everything that occurred around her as «normal» - she was rarely surprised, troubled or anxious.

She loved playing the piano, dancing, sports - running, swimming - traveling to unknown places, having fun, partying, partying, partying… in short all aspects of the glory of life.

In her memory, Association «Nathalie» aims to compensate in an infinitely small way this tragic waste, by creating cultural, artistic and principally pianistic opportunities for other young people to progress along the path that she cherished and practiced intensely to the age of 16.

Association «Nathalie»’s mission is to create events such as Piano Competitions & Master Classes, as well as to help other associations with similar activities and objectives.

Sweet Nathalie, the smile of your 20 years will remain engraved in the memory of all who knew you, as can be gathered by just a glance at your photograph…

You are warmly invited to become a member of the Association to help support its efforts for the promotion of music.

The Founder and Artistic Director